Could this be another sign getting older is not so bad after all?

Up until last night I was convinced it would be easy to make you laugh at the extent of my ignorance. I'm a shameless football ignoramus.  Last time I watched a game was with my step father, as a teenager, centuries ago. Just looking at people running on a football field made me feel tired --as if I had been the one painfully dragging myself from one end to the other. And so for years, I lived happily without knowing anything about football --not even as much as very basic terms.

But I am disappointing myself.


In the past two days I found out I could understand a thing or two, just by watching.  First of all, with all of these little sketches they show you on TV, I understood that experts think it makes a difference how the players are lined up on the field, with a certain number of them on each row. I haven't seen the difference for myself, but at least those little sketches are fun to watch and make things a little easier to grasp. Then came the first game, between the Bafana bafanas and Mexico. I'm a precision buff, you see -- a former lawyer, practitioner of martial arts,  I love contemporary dance and I can appreciate how people move. And so it was very visible the South Africans were sloppy in their moves.  When the ball touched their foot it always seemed to bounce off. When they sent it somewhere it never really went where someone could catch it well. But the main breakthrough for me came when I watched, almost by accident, the game between Germany and Australia. Suddenly I saw things I had never seen before. I'll tell you a bit later, if you still care. I now have to watch the end of the Italy-Paraguay game. This will be the first time in my entire life I turn my TV on to watch two games in two days.

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